First, pull out any existing fiberglass in the weight pockets. Unscrew the access panel on each side jamb and pull out the weights. Scrape off all loose and blistered paint and patch any holes or cracks with an exterior-grade wood putty, such as the ones from Elmer’s or Minwax.

Keep in mind that if there are any alarm systems on the windows, you’ll also need to notify the alarm company of the upcoming work. The sensors will need to be removed, and the alarm company may need to come to the house so that they can be reinstalled. Typically, window frames are made of either wood or vinyl. Vinyl frames are cheaper than wood, have a longer life span, and tend to be easier to clean. Wooden frames are typically more expensive and challenging to maintain as they can peel and rot due to water damage. If you’re experiencing these issues, there are some things you can try before undertaking a window replacement project.

How To Clean Windows Without Streaks

Most windows are now double pane, so the divider extends out of each piece of glass. Some window companies have developed technology to make this window more energy efficient, but traditionally you may have heat loss (or A/C loss) with this type of window. It’s also hard to clean, since you must clean each individual square. When measuring the height of a window, take measurements from the high point of the window’s sill to the top of the window opening. Measure once at the left side, once at the center of the window, and once at the right side of the window.

  • Geometrics – These fashionable windows are usually fixed units.
  • We have various tips abouthow to speed up a slow Mac here that we suggest you work through.
  • The utility is even smart enough to detect virtual hard drives and manage their usage properly.
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Unlike traditional Hard Disk Drives , SSD Drives have a different pattern of file arrangement and do not need to be defragmented. In general, you should consider running ‘Optimize Drives’ utility, whenever you notice a sluggishness in the performance of your computer. Over a period of time, the files and data stored on the Hard Disk Drive of a computer get scattered around and becomes unorganized. Browse other questions tagged windows-10 defragment or ask your own question.

How To Annotate Your Screenshot

But here we’re concerned with screenshots in Windows 10. Below, I walk you through the several ways to capture the Windows 10 PC screen so that you can make an informed decision on which method works best for you. It’s a basic task, but you’d be surprised at how many options you have for taking screenshots in Windows 10—and they’ve gotten even better. Now, you should know how to take a full or partial screenshot in Windows 10.

You can download this software to monitor disk status in real time. The only time you don’t need to defrag is if the underlying storage medium is random access, so don’t defrag your USB key, and don’t defrag an SSD. Besides getting a speedy processor and as much RAM as you can afford, a Solid State Drive also plays a very important role in making your PC fast. However, an SSD will stay on it best performance and last longer only if it’s properly maintained. In terms of hardware, I use a Lenovo Thinkpad Carbon X1 laptop for work, and an Origin PC tower for playing PC games.