Lots of malware, viruses, and the likes on the Internet can possibly infect your PC while surfing the web. It is extremely important that your antivirus software is up-to-date so as to keep your PC safe. Keeping your antivirus up to date on Windows 10 PCs or laptops can be done simply from the tool’s UI. Constantly updating your virus protection will prevent viruses from infecting your PC.

  • Another way to optimize Windows 11 for gaming is to change power settings to High-performance mode.
  • It can be done by running a bunch of scripts using Windows PowerShell – but creating a .BAT file to run batch commands can make it work almost effortlessly.
  • Windows 11 also adds haptics to your digital pen, so you can hear and feel vibrations as you use it for taking notes or drawing.
  • It can make even the older game look new and has been constantly seen in all the remastered versions that have been launched in the past few months.

It also includes how to navigate Windows 11 using keyboard shortcuts, and how to perform touchscreen gestures and commands. It’s not yet clear if there’ll be any new features for the Your Phone app and when this update will begin rolling out to users. As part of the revamp, the notification center is moving to the left pane. If you’re not used to receiving notifications on your PC, you can completely mute notifications from any app installed on your phone. To do this, click on the mute button to turn off notifications for that app.

How To Update The Original Edge Browser

You can use any web browser you choose on Windows 11, though some limited OS functions like the built-in search and weather features do automatically open Edge. I’ve happily installed Firefox and Chrome on the new operating system. Nevertheless, after some initial reservations, download steam-api_dll from driversol.com I’ve come to appreciate Edge’s design and conveniences, which make Chrome and Firefox look outdated and limited.

Steps Recorder creates a slideshow of your screen with automatically generated detailed annotations from Windows 10, good, bad, ugly, problem-infested, or rosy-cheeked. The UK’s internet capacity could be rationed to prioritise key apps and websites. The file will automatically be stored in the “Videos” folder within My PC.

Best Monitors For Macbook Pro & Mac Studio Of 2022 Inc M1 Macs

By default, the following hotkey options will already exist. ShareX gives you the option to add a dedicated Edit with ShareXbutton in the Windows Explorer context menu (right-click menu). This button can then be used to open an image directly into the ShareX image editor without having to open the ShareX tool separately. You will find a subfolder titled Captures here with all of your recordings.

List All Tcp Or Udp Connections

Although it’s no longer available, you may still use this method to take a screenshot on older versions. Windows 10 offers a delay feature for making screenshots with Snipping Tool. The delay allows you to set up your desktop before the program freezes your screen.